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We help organisations by implementing, integrating and customising Learning Management Systems. Transform your workforce with online learning!

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We are experts in Learning Management Systems (LMS, or eLearning systems). We are Brisbane based eLearning consultants who implement, customise and support eLearning solutions that help large organisations train and assess their staff and volunteers. With experience delivering online training solutions in the corporate, government, and not for profit areas, Veracity can give your organisation the tools needed to grow your business, saving you time and money.

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Cloud based eLearning systems allow your people to connect, comply, and collaborate.

Flexible online training

Accessibility and Flexibility

Employees or volunteers can access training materials or courses anytime, anywhere, from their phones, tablets, or computers, whether it be in the office or on site.

eLearning boosts your staff

Maximise Your Team

A Learning Management System lets you make the most out of the people you already employ. Start training, assessing and boosting the abilities of your staff.

Reporting and Tracking

Track and manage your employee or volunteer performance, with data and metrics available at your fingertips. See at a glance where your people are excelling, and where improvement can be made.

Why Choose Veracity?

Our customised online learning management systems currently service over 20,000 people in government and corporate settings across Brisbane and Queensland. We believe eLearning will transform the world of corporate training and assesment.

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Veracity has exposure to a wide range of Learning Management Systems, meaning we can tailor an online training solution that's just right for your business. Whether your focus is on staff training and skill development, or volunteer training and compliance, Veracity is able to establish an eLearning system that connects people across your organisation. 

"We turned to Veracity to design, build and manage our cloud based Learning Management System. It was a good decision. We now have a clean, easy to use eLearning platform that will scale and adapt to the department's changing needs."

Ken Dagley

We're Ready to Help.

A Learning Management System from Veracity can help you, your people, and your business. To find out more about the services Veracity offers, simply fill in the enquiry form below, or contact one of our consultants on 
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